Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keeping Books Close By

We've mentioned a few ideas for things to do with weeded and donated materials - heck, we even had things to build with books, too - but we understand that not every book needs to move on to the next chapter in their literary lives. Sometimes books need to stay with us, exist beyond the border of their own bindings and enrich our imaginations for another round of romance, mystery, and adventure. We could simply store our literary loves in the confines of a dusty bookshelf, but if you're slightly more daring, O Captain my Captain, there are more stylish and practical storage solutions.

For those living in small spaces, .nobody&co has introduced a sit-down solution to storing stories. Now you can curl up, clutter-free in a cozy corner, grab the tale that has taken your attention for the time being, and enjoy. Finish it up before you've fed your book appetite? No problem, the next one is at your fingertips...

Functional, fairly attractive, and yet I can't help but ask - where do I put my skinny chai latte? Leave a comment below and let us know the one thing you would be missing from this fine piece of furniture. [via Flavorwire]


  1. It needs to recline. I want to lay back while I read.

  2. I want wifi and an outlet for my laptop/ipad/e-reader/nook/kindle

  3. How about adding rollers under the chair so it can be moved around easily?