Thursday, September 13, 2012

Webinar Opportunity: Weeding Your Library Collection

On Thursday, September 20th, B-Logistics founder Bart Crawford will partner with Bowker and Library Journal to present a webinar on how to weed efficiently while still keeping the core collection intact for your students, faculty, and other researchers. Aimed at academic libraries, this informative webinar is sure to provide valuable information on how to best use Bowker products for large weeding projects.

B-Logistics has joined Bowker as a logistics partner to facilitate a turn-key library program. With Bowker’s software, libraries may efficiently analyze, weed and preserve their collection. After selecting and culling specific titles, libraries may turn over physical handling of weeded materials to B- Logistics for responsible management. Through software-managed logistics and e-commerce, B-Logistics Resells, Redistributes or Recycles these materials on behalf of its library partners. 

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