Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Book Crafts

B-Logistics loves any project that re-purposes a book and keeps it out of the landfill, and what better way than to make book crafts as holiday gifts and decorations? Today we will look at some of our favorite book-related crafting projects, and give you a little holiday inspiration! Click on the pictures for full tutorials.

Miniature Books

These bite-sized books look cute enough to eat! They are great as personalized ornaments, for a little girl's dollhouse, or as jewelry charms.They are super easy to make, and only require a few materials that most people will have lying around the house.

Book Page Magnets

What better to hold up the week's shopping list than an adorable set of magnets featuring passages from your favorite books? The tutorial warns that you have to be willing to "murder" a book in order to complete this project, so head to your local thrift store to find copies that you don't plan on reading in the future. 

Advent Calendar

Make your own holiday advent calendar using this tutorial. All you need are basic paper-cutting supplies, some glue, and your imagination! Fill these little sachets with treats for your children (or yourself), and count down the days 'til Christmas in homemade style!

I hope that these crafts inspired you to make your own book-related gifts and decorations this year? What are your favorite holiday crafts? Tell us in the comments.