Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Five Things to Do with Weeded and Donated Materials

Every library has them--weeded and donated materials that sit in a storage closet, waiting for their next glimpse of sunlight at the annual book sale. Some libraries receive so many donations that they can't handle the volume, and are forced to decline donations in the name of practicality. Here is a list of ideas for managing the hundreds and thousands of donated and weeded books that libraries must find a solution to every year. 

1. Hide Them at IKEA

Whenever I go to IKEA I am always impressed by the illusion that the micro-apartments on display are inhabited. There are clothes in the closets, toothbrushes on the steel-plated bathroom sink, and books everywhere. But, they’re all in Swedish, and tend to be multiple copies of the same book. Why not hide your unwanted tomes among the Swedish novels? At the very least, it will give fighting couples something to look at when fuming after a disagreement over which sleek black armchair to purchase.

2. Donate Them Elsewhere

Some libraries want to keep their weeded and donated books within their communities, so they will donate the books to local charities. Some charities, like the Salvation Army, will even pick the books up, saving libraries the hassle of transport. Many children’s literacy organizations are also happy to take donations of children’s books for their programs. Ask around your community to find out where the need is! 

3.  Make Them Into Art

There are so many lovely art projects that can be done with books! Whether it’s the pages, the binding, illustrations, or the whole book itself, there are innumerable ways to make a book into something new and beautiful. Check out our “Book Crafts” Pinterest board for more ideas.

 4. Revamp the Circulation Desk

While any old old desk will do, one made from books adds a special touch to a library’s atmosphere. It may take a while to collect the right size and number of books to make this work, but the payoff is gorgeous! This desk from Delft University of Technology is just stunning! 

5. Partner With B-Logistics to Sell Them Online

What better way to relieve your library of an over-abundance of weeded and donated materials than to partner with a reliable seller who will give back a percentage of the sale? With B-Logistics there is no scanning and no sorting, we take everything and do all the work for you! We donate or recycle everything that cannot be sold, so nothing goes to waste. Why not give it a try? Please visit our website and ask us how we can help you get started today!


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